As a company, we offer a wide range of services that include Prospecting, Plant Design, Land Mining, Marine Mining, Dredging, Final Recovery design with supply and operations, and Diamond Trading facilitation. In the event that you do not find what you need in the list, please feel free to contact us to discuss it. Our seamless, turnkey approach is based on high standards and expertise. Our culture is built on the growth and development of our own internal structures, which leads to stronger relationships and commitment among staff.

Unknown to most, diamonds undergo a multi-stage transformation between the mine and the jewelry store: Mining; Sorting and Pricing; Manufacture; Becoming a Jewel; and finally, the Sale. LOK plays a pivotal role in all aspects.

LOK controls diamond mining permits in a traditionally rich diamond area of South Africa offering a methodical, scientific, systematic, and mechanized approach to diamond mining. From the perspective of the blockchain, smart contract technology can identify the origin of an item and trace its journey from its source to its destination. Luxury items like diamonds and fine wines are highly valued because of their historical value. Blockchain can be used to verify provenance and increase its value. Imagine the use of a non-fungible token to represent ownership of individual diamonds. You trade the tokens without friction while the diamonds are vaulted and insured.


Final Recovery

Plant Design

Facilitation of trade in Rough Diamonds

Land Mining

Marine Mining and Dredging

Partnership and Governance

Three vendors proudly associated with LOK Resources are: LOK Mining, Thokos Diamonds and Ingelosi Mining Projects.

Lok Mining

LOK Mining specialises in Land and Marine Mining and Final Recovery operations.

Thokos Diamonds

Thoko’s Diamonds specialises in the ethical trading of rough diamonds as well as cutting and polishing of diamonds. “Every stone is a masterpiece!”


Ingelosi Mining Projects has a proven track record in Open Cast and Marine Mining and is licensed in SADC and the Middle East.